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    2019-2020年四年级英语上册 module 5 unit 15教案 广州版.doc 7页

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    2019-2020年四年级英语上册 Module 5 Unit 15教案 广州版 Teaching Contents: Unit 15 Let’s Go Further Teaching Objectives: Hopefully the children will be able to understand the story in Unit 15, read some other stories and enjoy them, create their own stories about the pictures(optional), and learn the format of a letter and write some sentences about their school day. Language Focuses: Vocabulary: different Structure: It’s time for… What a strange time to have lunch! Everything is different here. What a breakfast! Teaching Aids: some pictures and real objects Teaching Procedures: Steps Teacher’s Activities Students’ Activities Teaching Strategies Purpose Leading-in Greeting. Ask the pupils to sing a song. 3.Target introduction. Greeting. Sing the song. Read the title after the teacher. To warm up and create a happy atmosphere by singing a song. 1.To warm up and create a happy atmosphere. Lead to the title of this class. Revision Review the following sentences. “ What time is it?” “ What time do you…?” 1.Tell the alien about their time for meals. 2. Learn the new words. 1. Free talk with the pupils and review the language. 1. Help the children review the sentences Presentati-on 1. Tell the pupils the time in different countries is different. 2. Present the new words and phrases. 3. Present the following sentences in meaningful situations. “What a ………!” “Everything is different here.” 4. Practise the sentence patterns. 5.Ask the pupils to guess the aliens’ time for meals. 6.Ask the pupils to listen to the story and find out the aliens’ time for meals. 1. Learn the new sentences. 2. Practice in a funny way. 1. In order to attract pupils’ attention and let them have fun, we use the meaningful situation to present the new words and sentences. 2. Through guessing the aliens’ time for meals, the pupils can be lead into the story. Help the children learn the new words. 2. Help the children to learn the languages points of this lesson. 3. To keep their interests through this activitie


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