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    牛津高中英语模块一Unit3复习(高考、新课)课件.ppt 47页

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    研修班 be dying to do used to do work out 锻炼、计算出、(情况等)发展 Exercises Enjoy some proverbs: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Health is better than wealth. Good medicine for health tastes bitter to the mouth. Health is not valued until sickness comes. Complete the following spelling: 1. It is well-known that smoking h_____ our health. 2. He tried his best to explain, but he f_____ to make his parents believe him. 3. It’s a s _____ that the youths nowadays don’t give seats to those in need. arms ailed hame 4. The doctor is o_______ on his leg. 5. Could you tell me e_____ what the teacher has said? We can make our bodies strong by ________ (体操的) exercise. 7. ________ (化学) labs are available to students in our school. perating xactly Chemistry gymnastic 8. I am ______ (建议) to turn to the policeman for help. 9. The Great Wall ______ (吸引) many foreigners every year. 10. Children are asked to behave _______ (合适地) in public.? advised attracts properly 1. We should take regular _______ and eat heathy food to keep fit. 2. We _____ awake all night in order to see the sunrise the next morning. 3. Have you _________ this maths problem yet? exercise stayed worked out Fill in the blanks with the right forms: stay, recover, exercise, match, contain, damage, work, follow , diet, work out? 4. The alarm clock didn’t _____ so I was late for school this morning. 5. This book ________ all the information you need. 6. Th woman was surprised at the ________ of her stolen jewels. work contains recovery stay, recover, exercise, match, contain, damage, work, follow , diet, work out 7. It rained on the day we arrived, but the _________ day was sunny. 8. He is on a ____ to reduce some weight. 9. The hat and shoes are a perfect______. 10. The flood did a lot of ________ to the crops. diet match damage following stay, recover, exercise, match, contain, damage, work, follow , diet, work out 1. The sunlight came in ___


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