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    Unit5 First Aid for Burns Outline 1、Analysing the teaching material 2、About the Ss 3、Teaching goals 4、Key teaching points and difficult points 5、Teaching methods 6、Teaching aids 7、Teaching procedures 8、Blackboard design Teaching goals 1、 Knowledge goals 2、 Ability goals 3、 Moral goals Key teaching points and difficult points How to help the Ss have the ability to do first aid treatment for burns correctly. How to grasp the main idea of each part & each passage. Teaching aids 1、The multi-media 2、A first-aid-kit 3、The contents of a first-aid-kit Unit5 First Aid for Burns Try our best to give them effective first aid if they are in danger. Blackboard design an ambulance Lead-in ( individual work ) Brainstorming: What words can you think of when you talk about accidents and first aid? Accident First aid illness bleed choke Burn/catch fire sprain ankle bite wound poison electric shock … … What has happened? What sort of injuries will the child have? What kind of first aid would you perform? ( individual work ) Fast reading ( class work ) What will the passage be about? 2. What do they tell you about the passage? First aid for burns. Causes, types, characteristics and first aid treatment for burns. 3. In which order are these topics covered in the text? Number them from 1 to 5. ____ the three types of burns ____ what to do if someone gets burned ____ the purpose of skin ____ the symptoms of burns ____ how we get burns 1 2 3 4 5 Detailed reading Tell if the following statements are true or false: ( group work ) Our skin has three layers. We will never get burned by the sun. Burns are divided into three degrees according to the degree of pain. Third degree burns are the most serious and painful. Put cool water on any burns to cool them. Don’t rub the burns It’s better that you put some butter or oil on burns. T F T T F F F 1.Why should you put cold water on a bur


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