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    牛津英语模块三第一单元reading.ppt 30页

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    * London used to be famous for its heavy fog. This was because people in London burned coal which gave out heavy smoke, a type of pollution that is actually called smog. In1873,a coal-smoke smog, thicker and more persistent(持久)than natural fog, covered the city for days and caused 168 deaths. Another fog in 1879 lasted from November to March and caused four long months of sunshineless darkness.In 1952,a four-day fog killed about 4000 Londoners. It was not until then that some measures were taken to stop the heavy fog. In1956,Parliament(议会) made the Clean ACT, which effectively reduced the burning of coal. It was the beginning of series of air-pollution reforms in England. Now the air in London is quite clean—though the city is still sometimes covered in a clean,ordinary fog. Background knowledge Fast reading 1. What is the story about? 2. Where did Polly live? 3. How did she usually get home? A young lady in the fog. At 86 King street. By bus. 4. What was the old man carrying? A stick. The fog was very thick in the morning. When she got to Green Park, the weather turned out to be fine. Polly got to Green Park by train. The old man carried an umbrella in his hand. At first Polly thought the old man couldn’t see her face because he was blind. After arriving at home, Polly invited the old man to her home for a rest and he agreed. (F) (F) (T) (F) (F) (F) True or false: 1 Polly took an Underground train to Green Park. 2 An old man took Polly’s hand. 3 A hand reached out and touched Polly’s arm. 4 Polly thanked the blind man. 5 A tall man in a dark coat was watching Polly. 6 Polly and the old man turned left at the corner. 7 Polly felt frightened when a rough hand brushed her face. 8 Polly got to King Street safely. 9 Polly left the office at four o’clock. 10 The old man went to help others. Order: 9- 1 - 5 -7-3-2-6-8-4-10 Put the following events in order. 2. Why did Polly take the Underground train to Green Park? 3. What was the weather like outside the


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