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    PAGE PAGE 3 4 August 2008 General Questions Kinds of Class Maintenance Surveys Choose a correct name of survey from the 'Choices'. Q.1 Survey to check the general status performed every year Q.2 A more comprehensive survey performed at the time of the second or the third Annual Survey after Classification Survey or Special Survey. Q.3 Comprehensive survey performed within five years after Classification Survey or the previous Special Survey. Q.4 Survey of the bottom shell generally performed after the ship is in dry-dock or on the slipway within 36 months after the date of completion of the previous Docking Survey, or Classification Survey and during a Special Survey. Q.5 Survey carried out generally after opening up the boiler within 36 months after the date of completion of the previous Boiler Survey or Classification Survey and during a Special Survey. Q.6 This survey is generally performed after opening up the propeller shaft and stern tube shaft within three to five years from the date of completion of the previous survey or the previous Classification Survey, depending on the kind of propeller shaft or stern tube shaft used. Q.7 This survey is performed sequentially at intervals not exceeding the planned and continuously specified periods such that the survey interval of each item or each component does not exceed five years. Q.8 Survey in which machinery and equipment are opened up and examined based on the machinery maintenance plan approved by the Society at the time specified in the Survey Implementation Plan. Q.9 Survey carried out according to the Machinery Preventive Maintenance Plan based on periodical status monitoring according to the preventive maintenance system approved by the Society at the time specified in the Survey Implementation Plan. Occasional Survey refers to the survey carried out to assess the status, damage, repairs, changes, and so on. Choices Annual Survey Boiler Survey Continuous Machinery Survey (CMS) Docking Survey Intermedia


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