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    中英文外文文献翻译打车软件及专车服务:Uber的实证研究.doc 15页

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    本科毕业设计(论文) 中英文对照翻译 (此文档为word格式,下载后您可任意修改编辑!) 文献出处: Jensen Kendra. Special taxi app and special taxi service: the empirical evidence of Uber [J]. Transportation Research,2016,5(1): 240-251. 原文 Special taxi app and special taxi service: the empirical evidence of Uber Jensen Kendra Abstract By early 2013, 61% of cell phone subscribers in the US were using smart phones (Nielsen, 2013). Similar trends of rapid growth are apparent worldwide (IDS, 2014). The growth of the global smart phone market has been accompanied by an increasingly diverse and sophisticated market for smart phone applications (henceforth “apps”): pieces of software that are downloaded onto personal devices for free or for a small charge in order to perform a specific niche task, typically related to entertainment, communication, mapping or locating services and retailers. There are a number of transport apps which aim to connect smart phone users seeking a ride with users in the locality who are prepared to provide one. Keywords: Taxi Apps; Regulations;Regulation; Uber; Limousine services 1 Introduction Taxi software "is a load on smart phone application software, is a urban passenger vehicle information platform. Passengers by taxi software to share their needs vehicle information and real-time communicated to located near the location of the driver, the two sides quickly match to improve taxi efficiency .2009 March, Uber company in San Francisco was established, launched the world's first "taxi software" Uber Cab. from June 2010, Uber Cab in San Francisco for the first time into the market until December 2014, Uber has operations in more than 200 cities in 53 countries and regions. In fact, taxi software is a real-time information sharing platform. It is a mobile internet technology and satellite positioning technology integrated with smart phones as the basis, See your location and taxi or limousine internet within a certain geographical distance range on the map for passengers and drivers to


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